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What does your party involve?

All our parties are based around a simple structure.  As soon as all your guests have arrived then the fun begins starting with various brick and mini figure related party games such as Bingo, Brick Egg and Spoon, Mini figure hunting, Speed Building, Strength Building, Design your own Mini-figure.  We will choose the games we feel are most appropriate based on the age of your guests and the space available.  This is a link to our typical games lists.  The games will last approximately forty five minutes leaving the next forty five minutes being time for ‘free building’ with the large amount of bricks, trees, mini-figures, trees, vehicles etc. provided.   The actual timings of each element can be adapted for each party depending on the age of the children.  We have sample party structures here to give you an idea or alternatively please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long will your entertainment last?

Most parties are for a two hour duration with the entertainment going on for an hour and a half leaving you half an hour to feed your guests.  This will normally be at the end of the entertainment.

How many children can I invite?

Our standard party booking is for up to 16 children.  Additional guests can be accommodated but we feel that this is the optimum number for the children to get the best party experience.  However we do request that a maximum of 12 children attend a party if you are holding it at your house. This is due to space requirements.  If you need further advice please contact us.

How much does a party cost?

Parties cost £135 for up to 16 children.  Additional children can be accommodated for £10 per child up to 20 children.  If you wish to accommodate a larger number of children please contact us to discuss you requirements.

Can I have a party at home?

This really does depend on the size of your house!  You can have a party at home but please bear in mind that children, bricks, parents, food etc. all take up a lot of space.  Ideally we require a space to lay out the bricks, mats etc for the free play session which is separate to the area where the organised games will take place.  We also advise that both of these areas are removed or at least separate from the area where food will be served.  This is because hundreds of bricks do take a while to clear away and if you need to use the same space for your party tea then the children will have to go somewhere and do something whilst the bricks are cleared and the tea is set up. Ideally food should be served in a separate area as it allows food to be set up whilst the building fun is taking place.  Due to these requirements we have to apply a 12 child maximum to any party held in a home and again this is subject to the space available.

We do strongly advise that you hire a venue for your party such as a church hall or community centre as your party will flow a lot better – and there is less for you to clear up at home!  We do not have any special relationship or affiliation with any venue and you will need to make separate arrangement and a separate contract with your chosen venue.  However please take a look at our list of suggested venues here.

Do you provide the party food?

No we do not provide party food so you will have to supply whatever you need in relation to this.  However we will ensure that you have at least 30 minutes to feed your guests within a 2 hour party.

Do you provide party bags?

No we are currently not able to provide this service.

Do you give prizes for winners of the games?

A number of the games do involve an individual or a team winning however we don’t make too much of who wins.  Children who do well will get to pick from the prize box which contains small gifts and sweets.  We will make sure each child gets a small prize and prizes will be given out for children who are good at listening or helping etc so even those who aren’t so good at the games will be included.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes please.  We require a £25 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking together with a completed and signed booking form in order to confirm the date and time of your party.  We will email or post you a booking form once we have confirmed our availability for your party. Your £25 deposit will be deducted from your final balance.

How and when do I pay my balance?

If you wish to pay the balance by cheque we will need to receive your cheque at least 7 days before your party date.  Alternatively if you wish to pay in cash or by internet banking transfer this can be done on the day of your party.  You can pay the full party fee at the time of your booking if preferred.  Details will be provided with the booking form.

Do I need to hire a hall?

It is not entirely necessary although it really does depend on the size of your home! However we would strongly recommend your hire a venue as the additional space gives the children more freedom to play.  It also means the party homes can be a bit more energetic and helps children engage with the games and activities as they don’t have the distractions of other games and toys that you will inevitably have in your home.  We do not have any special relationship or affiliation with any venue and you will need to make separate arrangement and a separate contract with your chosen venue.  However please take a look at our list of suggested venues here.  Please also see answer 4 above.

What if children have younger siblings?

The manufacturer recommends a minimum age of 4 years old for children playing with the bricks etc. due to the small parts and therefore risk of choking hazards.  Therefore we request that no children below this age are present at your party with the exception of babes in arms.  If children under this age are present it is the fully responsibility of the parent, guardian and the individuals who booked the party to ensure the children are properly supervised at all times.

Is it just an hour and a half of playing with Lego?

If that’s what you want then yes it can be but no, generally one of our ‘Brick and Block’ parties are much more than that. Our parties do involve free play sessions with our bricks, mini figures, trees, vehicles etc. where your little ones can create whatever their imaginations can dream up, but we will also keep them busy with lots of building related fun and games such as ‘Hunt the bricks’ , Bingo, Speed building,  Tallest Tower and lots more.  Please also see answer 1 above.

How far in advance to I need to book?

That’s up to you but obviously the earlier your book the more likely you are that we will be available on your preferred date. We take bookings up to 6 months in advance so please contact us today and we can get things started.

Do you know venues I can book that would work well?

We do not have any special relationship or affiliation with any venue and you will need to make separate arrangement and a separate contract with your chosen venue.  However please take a look at our list of suggested venues here.

How do I book a party?

If you like the sound of our parties then we are delighted.  The next step is to contact us and let us know your party date.  If we are available we will let you now asap and will send you a booking form to complete.  Once the completed booking form is received together with the booking deposit of £25 then your party is booked.  Please also see answers 9&10.

How long should I book the venue for?

As most parties run for 2 hours we recommend that you book the party for a total of 3 hours, this give half and hour before the party for setting up and half an hour after the party for clearing away. Please bear in mind that thousands of Lego bricks do take a while to put away and transport out of a venue so if parking is not local and transporting the equipment back to the vehicle will take longer than this it may be necessary to book the venue for longer after the party finishes.  If you need to discuss this further then please just contact us.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have children’s entertainment public liability insurance up to £1,000,000 to cover any injury or damage caused directly by negligence by the The Kids Construction Company.  However please not it is the responsibility of the party booker to ensure that the appropriate insurance is held by the third party venue as The Kids Construction Company cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury caused as a result of negligence by any third party.

Can you book a venue for me?

No we cannot book a venue on your behalf however please take a look at our list of suggested venues here.

Do I have to stay with my children during the party?

The individuals named on the party booking must remain within the party at all time. However depending on the age of the children it is not always necessary for all the parents/guardians of invited children to remain on the premises, this is up to the discretion of the individuals who have booked the party.

What times do your parties run? 

We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the various venues available so please contact us to discuss this.  However our preferred party times are 10am – 12pm, 11am-1pm or 3pm-5pm on Saturdays, 3pm – 5pm on Sundays and 4pm -6pm on week days.

What age children are the parties most suitable for?

This really depends on the individual children and we offer parties for children between 5 and 10, although from experience the optimum age is 6/7.  Within this range you will obviously get some children who are very new to building and some who are adept at making creations.  However we plan our party activities so even those who have never seen these gorgeous plastic bricks before (if that’s possible!) and those who are almost professionals will still have great fun.

What if some of the guests are not big Lego fans?

We think that all children enjoy building with the bricks and accessories on some level however we also believe that even the biggest anti-builder will enjoy one of our parties.  We split the party up into free building time and party games.  The party games are all brick and mini figure themed but you don’t necessarily need to enjoy building to have fun.  Design your own Mini-figure or bingo and brick hunting for instance will appeal to most children.  Also during the free building session the party coordinator will bring at least one pre-assembled model such as a house or stables so children can play with the model without any requirement to build.

Do your parties include Chima or Star Wars?

No, our parties use bricks and standard construction elements such as doors, windows, roof tiles together with standard vehicle elements.  The manufacturers do constantly update and increase their ranges with new and exciting themes all the time so as you can imagine it would be virtually impossible to provide enough sets of each theme for a party, therefore we have taken the decision to stick with the standard bricks and construction elements however we have a huge amount of these pieces and the creations children make are only limited by their own imaginations – you’ll be amazed what they come up with!

What if people I’ve invited don’t turn up?

Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for guests who do not turn up on the day.

What if I invite more guests at the last minute or more turn up on the day?

That is no problem you can either pay the money for the extra guests beforehand or you can pay cash to your party coordinator on the day.

Can my child bring their own bricks to the party?

We would kindly request that they don’t.  If children want to bring their own bricks or mini figures it is invariably because it is very special to them and as you can imagine it is very easy to lose small pieces within our huge collection of bricks so to be on the safe side its best if they leave it at home.

Is the party suitable for girls as well as boys?

ABSOLUTELY!  If you have read the ‘About Us’ section you will see that the founder of The Kids Construction Company is Emma – a girl!  She is passionate about buildings and structures and does not believe these plastic toy bricks or the real thing for that matter is a domain purely for men and boys.  If you have girls who love building them this is the party for them and if you have guests who are girls then we guarantee they won’t feel that they are at a ‘boys’ party.  And anyway, the girls usually make the better models (but don’t tell the boys we said that!)

Are your staff security checked?

All party coordinators have been DBS (previously CRB) checked on behalf of the Kids Construction Company and are known personally to the company.  However you should note that there is actually no requirement for us to be DBS checked as we are not supervising the children but entertaining them.  The responsibly to supervise the children remains with the individual who booked the party.  With this in mind, we require for there to be at least 2 additional adults on the premises at all time.

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