Who we are?

Welcome to the Kids Construction Company, where we aim to help children to develop creativity and grow in confidence using those simple plastic blocks that we all love so much!

Through our parties and workshops we will help your children to explore the world around them and use their imaginations to create new worlds! You will be amazed at the results.

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Who we are.

My name is Emma and the Kids Construction Company is my baby.  Quite simply, I started the Kids Construction Company because I LOVE Lego!  I have played with those bricks for longer than I care to remember (more than 30 years!!) and never get bored of it.  I love to see children get excited over the simple little blocks of plastic and to watch them develop their designs and ideas as they literally pour out onto one of the iconic green base boards.

My background is in construction and I can honestly put that career choice down to my love of this amazing toy. It taught me that buildings can be amazing, simple, functional, wild, wacky or outrageous – whatever you want them to be.  I loved designing the layouts and the structures on my bedroom floor so when the time came I looked for a career that incorporated everything I loved about buildings and construction and as a result I have spent the last 15 years as a Chartered Building Surveyor.

My career took me to a variety of places and into a variety of buildings – regularly visiting Downing Street and carrying out a refurbishment project on the historic state rooms and the Prime Ministers bedroom suite was probably the best and surveying a giant rubber making factory in the middle of the welsh valleys on a disgusting November day was probably the worst! However, after having a wonderful career in London and Cardiff I decided to make a change.

Those special little bricks will always be my first love but now I do have a few more loves in my live. When my husband Simon (Love No. 2) and I were blessed with our two gorgeous, if slightly crazy daughters (Loves No. 3 and No. 4) I decided to start a business that worked a little better for our work/family life balance and quite simply there was only one place to turn – back to love No. 1!

So the Kids Construction Company was born and I now spend all my time meeting lovely children and parents and watching the new generation develop their own love for this amazing ‘toy’.

Quite simply, I love my job!