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After School Construction Clubs

The main focus of our after school club is for the children to have loads of building and designing fun within a recommended structure.

We aim to encourage freedom of expression, creativity and imagination whilst providing assistance and guidance where and when required. These standard plastic bricks and accessories are a brilliant way to do this and are not necessary something that all young fans are familiar with.

How it works

We will bring our bricks and accessories to your school and run the club for 1 hour after school hours. This generally happens under the supervision of a class teacher. The teacher does not need to have any involvement in any way with the session but will generally take responsibility for registering the children in and out at the end of the session. However, we can take responsibility for this if preferred. If there is no teacher present then this will generally reduce the numbers of children that can be involved in the club.

What we do

Each week the children will be set a different build challenge which they can complete individually or in groups. Some will be abstract concepts where the children can express their individual ideas and some will be focused around the world we live in, where the children can use their observational and design skills. Examples of these challenges are: –

  • Build a place to live
  • Make a fantasy mode of transport
  • Make a 2D image
  • Build a monochrome object
  • Build a place where you have fun
  • Make an object to wear

What do the children gain?

Apart from the enjoyment they get from spending an hour each week playing with huge amounts of bricks and accessories, we also believe that the children gain an awful lot more from these sessions. The sessions are extremely effective at helping to develop communication and cooperation skills. The concepts of sharing, delegating, listening and discussing solutions are all explored.

If your school would be interested in having The Kids Construction Company run a after school construction club then please get in touch.



Lego Lego Lego After School Clubs Cardiff





After School Lego Clubs

After School Lego Clubs

After School Lego Clubs

After School Lego Clubs

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