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Every child loves a party, and every parent loves a party entertainer! We offer Lego themed party entertainment for 4-11 year olds.  We have loads and loads of Lego for your party goers to have tonnes of creative fun with but we won’t just come in, dump it on the floor and let the kids get on with it (unless you want us to do that of course!)

Our parties do involve free play sessions with our Lego bricks, mini figures, trees, vehicles etc. where your little ones can create whatever their imaginations can dream up, but we will also keep them busy with lots of Lego related fun and games such as ‘Hunt the bricks’ , Lego Bingo, Speed building,  Tallest Tower and lots more.

We can suggest an appropriate running order and games for your party depending on the age of the group and we are as flexible with the content of the party as possible to ensure that each family has exactly the Lego experience they are looking for.

Most parties are for a two hour duration with the Lego entertainment going on for an hour and a half and then food being served for the last half  hour.

During the free play section of the party, our party coordinator will allow the children as much freedom as possible for their little imaginations to run wild.  However they will be fully involved in the play session to guide or assist when necessary.. They will also have instruction cards for those who prefer to follow a pattern to create a model and pre-constructed models for those who rather play with the finished article.


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section here.

But if you have any further questions please  contact me.

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